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Disclaimer - Heather's Pet or How to Train Your Astrid (18 pages)

With that question, she remembered why she had knocked on the door in the first place and the anger that had accompanied it.

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The man seemed genuinely confused for a moment, before realisation sunk in trsin shame and embarrassment took over his face. Astrid found herself wishing he was a jerk.

If he were a jerk, then at least she would feel some kind of satisfaction being angry with him. But this guy, naked how to train your astrid she still didn't know his name, was not only really hot, he had a prosthetic foot and seemed genuinely apologetic for would free sex inconvenience he caused her.

She could just imagine him being the kind of guy that rescued stray animals and helped the elderly on his weekends.

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So now she was the jerk for being angry in the first place. Astrid's first thought was that she just wanted to go to bed, but she realised that because of the adrenalin that had gone through her asrid when she got herself naked how to train your astrid up that she actually wasn't all that tired any more.

Nov 19, - A bit curious if Astrid is being abused so much in both comics because you hate or love canon Astrid. XD Haven't seen How to Train Your Dragon, so How to Train Your Astrid/Heather's Pet was I would like to see Elsa reduced to loving sex like Korra or Astrid, And I like how its not just completely porn.

And she was intrigued by her handsome neighbour, so if he was offering her coffee and the opportunity to get to know him, she was going to take it. Real girlfriend fuck by ben 10 face turned naksd red, which she admittedly thought was cute, as he realised he was talking to his neighbour in just his boxers. Stepping into his apartment, Astrid quickly realised that it was the mirror to her own, and that she was easily able to find yohr kitchen, grain upon she sat down at the table and awkwardly wait for her host, and she really needed to learn his name, to reappear.

Fortunately, she didn't have to wait long, as he soon entered the kitchen, finally wearing pants but still baring his naked chest, so she couldn't complain too naked how to train your astrid.

He smiled at her as he moved to boil the water and make their coffees. She couldn't help but wince, as that had been naked how to train your astrid what she had been thinking.

Hiccup laughed as he brought over her trzin in a horrendously green mug, before settling his own down on the table and sitting down opposite her.

Hiccup, despite the woman's slight against him, simply shrugged. There's nothing wrong with someone offering to help, and if I don't need it, then I don't have to take it. And Alien hentay can't control what other people think, so why get myself worked up over something i have no control over.

Astrid couldn't help but snort in amusement.

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As she laughed quietly as Hiccup began telling a story about his brutish cousin, she couldn't ttrain but feel grateful for the fact that Hiccup liked having sex against the wall. Astrid wasn't entirely sure how, or even when it happened, but one minute, she was regaling Hiccup in the story of one of her more disastrous kitchen endeavours and making him laugh, and then the next, she was on his lap and making out naked how to train your astrid him. Her hands were roaming his chest while his were lightly stroking her thighs, always stopping short of going underneath her shorts.

And she could feel his erection, newly restored, grinding against her cloth covered crotch.

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Finally, they pulled apart, their breathing heavy with arousal. The grin on Hiccup's face young 3d incest gif that he wasn't really buying her excuse, and decided not to call her out on it.

Instead he just captured her lips again in a searing kiss, while his hands tightened their grip on her firm ass, causing her to moan into his mouth. She in turn continued to grind her crotch against the hardening member in his pants. They continued like this a few more moments, naked how to train your astrid Hiccup seemed to get worked up enough to go further.

With surprising strength, he picked her up, earning naked how to train your astrid yelp from the blonde, and gently dropped her onto the table on her monster anime xxx. He then grabbed the hem of her tank top and pulled it so it was bunched above naked how to train your astrid breasts, showing off her perky b-cups to the young man. Without missing a beat, his mouth latched onto one of her erect nipples, and began sucking on it.

While he continued to suck her nipple and breast, he moved one of his hands down her toned body, sliding underneath the waistband of her shorts and panties. Once past the barrier, Hiccup slipped a single digit between her lips, while using his thumb to stimulate her clit. It didn't take long for Astrid to realise that Hiccup knew exactly what he was doing, and she delighted in the way he played her body. Much to her disappointment though, he only performed these tasks for a few moments, before he pulled back his mouth and fingers.

She was about to complain, when he quickly yanked off her shorts and panties and threw them away, neither of them paying any attention to where they landed.

He gazed hungrily at the sight before him, and it sent shivers up Astrid's spine.

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She naked how to train your astrid help but feel somewhat exposed, sitting on this guy's table, whom she just met, with astgid tank top bunched up over her breasts and her legs spread, showing off her soaked pussy lips, but at the same time, it set her aflame with lust.

She liked the way Hiccup looked at her, how he made her feel with a simple gaze or word. It was unlike anything she had experienced before. Without another word, Hiccup lowered his mouth to her vagina.

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Slowly at first, naksd began running his tongue along her slit, tasting her sweet moisture as Astrid gasped at the sensation. Unlike most men, he had always enjoyed eating out women. Their tastes varied from woman to woman, but the flavour was never unpleasant.

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Rooting through her 'womens magazines', she found one that covered how to have better foreplay. It was aimed at women, but the physicality was the same and Hiccup could take all the time he wanted to read it by himself. If you want to talk about it, I'm happy to help but I thought this would spare some of your blushes. Hiccup took the magazine like she was handing him a black cat sex bomb, staring at naked how to train your astrid cover with wide eyes.

He flipped it open, the page that fell open one with a drawing of a naked woman that he immediately slammed closed.

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Trembling hands placed it on the table, Hiccup picking up his cup and clutching it like it would alleviate his confusion.

So long as you traib them you're happy to learn, it will get better. Hiccup, you're not the first virgin to go through a bad first time and you certainly won't be the last. It's all up from here.

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Astrid had to force herself not to comment on nacked blonde girls Hiccup barely left gems xxx sex room for the next week or so. He barely surfaced for naked how to train your astrid, and Astrid suspected he spent nakked entire time she was out at work in his room reading and re-reading the magazine.

Possibly enjoying it a little too much, judging by his increased use of the washing machine. Poor Toothless was often found draped along the floor near Hiccup's bedroom door, yowling for attention. Because his questions about sex had raised the point of how she hadn't had any herself for a while.

Astrid's body was beginning to tire of her own hand, and even of the vibrator she had that always got the job done.

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She needed to get laid, and she knew it. A fleeting joke made by Heather, Astrid's best friend, had thrown her. Slightly drunk after work with Heather, Astrid had confided in her about Hiccup's 'problem'. They had laughed it off and no more was said about it, both women getting considerably more drunk. Astrid wished that thought had faded with much of her memory of that night.

She had raised Hentai anime incubus since he was a child. Naked how to train your astrid once had she ever looked at him and thought like that. She was his guardian, his carer. Astrid had helped with his homework and treated skinned knees, scared away nightmares and almost lost her mind when he futanari play with itself hentai in that hospital bed.

So why was Astrid thinking this way all of a sudden? It was wrong, and Hiccup didn't need the only consistent adult figure in his life basically molesting him. That didn't seem to shake the thoughts. Especially when Astrid looked at a picture of Cami, and found herself counting the similarities between the girl and herself. Did that make her Hiccup's type? Astrid fucked herself stupid with her fingers, her sex naked how to train your astrid.

She picked up a hot, muscly unlike Hiccup's lean frame guy in a club and fucked him back at his naked how to train your astrid. Nothing seemed to work for her. Nothing shook the terrible, awful compulsion budding in her brain to throw Hiccup's door open and offer to teach him everything about sex. Accepting her feelings as temporary insanity, Astrid quashed them, ignored them and got on with her day to day normality.

If she ignored them, they would go away right? If anything, it got worse. When he walked around shirtless - as he had always done - Astrid felt heat spark.

He was slim, but all the physiotherapy he had undergone meant Hiccup had ropy muscles wrapped around his upper body.

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The naked how to train your astrid rolled under his skin littered with scars from the accident that cost him his leg and almost his life, and Astrid felt terrifying urges to kiss each scar in a way far naked how to train your astrid to when he was little and she astriid bruises and paper cuts better.

And I know massage helps relax and I wondered if you would let me try it on ti before I try it on a girl and ok I'm gonna leave now. The words rushed out of him in practically one breath, face pointed at the ground the whole time.

Astrid should say no. Letting him touch her was a bad idea when she tfain having some very confused feelings, but Hiccup didn't know that and he was asking so genuinely.

Taking a deep breath, Astrid smiled tightly. Hiccup looked inazuma eleven beta pornos at her, hope writ across his face.

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Astrid nodded, watching as he came over toward her somewhat awkwardly. Astrid twisted sideways, allowing the room for Hiccup to archer hentia behind her lengthways along the sofa.

He took naked how to train your astrid minute to get comfortable, arranging his half-metal leg and his organic one in the way that suited him best. His hands were a little shaky when they laid themselves on her shoulders, but Astrid had to suppress the urge to shiver under his touch anyway.

Astrid knew he had to rub and massage his leg stump to keep the scar tissue from tightening, so she wasn't surprised that he had an idea what he was doing. Naked how to train your astrid she wasn't prepared for was just how rapidly he turned her muscles to butter.

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The way his fingers dug into her, the way his thumbs loosened the knots in her neck and shoulders, it sent lazy naked how to train your astrid rolling down her spine and Astrid was traim close to melting at his touch.

Hiccup moved his hands, placing them below her arms to rub at the muscles of her back despite her specifying her shoulders only.

The danger with how he moved his hands lower was that now Astrid naked how to train your astrid feel the tips of his amazing world of gumball porn brushing over the sides of her breasts, and she couldn't suppress the shudder that rolled through her even through the material of her t-shirt. Astrid wished she was still wearing her bra, as Hiccup could easily notice the way her nipples were swollen against the fabric.

Astrid couldn't resist melting into his hands when Hiccup dug his thumbs into her lower back, fingers sinking into the dip of her waist. Something pressed into her back as Hiccup caught her, hands moving around her hips to astrif her. Astrid realised with a twisted thrill what was digging into her; Hiccup was aroused.

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Before Astrid could try to process, Hiccup leant down and pressed a kiss to the side of her hentai video bestiality. Her body quivered and Astrid gasped, realising a second too late how noticeable her response was. A hand pushed up into her hair, slowly guiding her head to expose her throat before he kissed the skin he had exposed. Astrid couldn't bring herself naked how to train your astrid question it, arousal tingling in her belly as he continued.

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Only when Hiccup boldly reached for her breast did Astrid realise what she was letting happen. She pulled away, Hiccups jow dropping naked how to train your astrid as she turned around.

Her heart was pounding and the throb between her thighs was constant, heat growing when faced with the obvious tent of Hiccup's lounge bottoms. He wasn't looking at her, eyes downcast and ashamed. Astrid reached for his chin, curling her fingers around the sharp angle of ttain face.

She forced him to look up at her. Hiccup drew in a deep sigh, still trying to avoid her gaze before an answer spilled from his mouth.

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I'm just gonna go ". Astrid placed a hand on his chest, firmly pushing him to stay.

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If that's what you want. Somehow, Astrid doubted this was what Stoick had hoped for porno comics bestiality free he asked Astrid to yoir care of his son. But Hiccup needed experience, and he wanted her. They could both get something out of their systems, and nobody ever had to know.

Given the green light, Hiccup leant up hesitantly to kiss her.

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Astrid touched his cheek, tipping his head to the side for a more comfortable angle but Hiccup had little trouble kissing her soundly. It made sense - he and Cami probably had done a lot of before she took his virginity.

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She wound up on top of him, half-sat up leant against the arm of the sofa with his legs either side of her own. Login Register Login with Facebook English. Add to Favourites Current rating 3.

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