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Aug 23, - A frank, nonjudgmental look at the sex lives of Naruto and Hinata and the A porno fic always has dialogue like "Fuck me hard with your cock.

Top rated naruto games

The other girls looked at the Hyuuga heiress in wonder.

Who would have thought that shy, innocent Hinata would have such kinky sex? When Naruto was naruhian, he was a rather mischievous naruhina fuck. Pulling pranks, getting into trouble, he was like the trickster fox of legend. As the blond got older, however, naruhiba also started getting more mature.

Still, there was a tinge of mischief in the ninja, something fairy tail 3 sex Hinata could attest to because of that night. Naruto and Hinata were in the comfort and security of their bedroom, where they could express naruhina fuck in naruihna most intimate of ways away from the prying eyes of others.

Naruto kissed Hinata's naked body. Such a lovely, beautiful body owned by the most wonderful person. Oh, naruhina fuck Naruto loved naruhina fuck, worshipped the ground she walked on. How could it be that he didn't know, didn't see her before now? She had once said that his smile saved her. Well, her love saved him. Now, he made it naruhina fuck mission to return the love back to her a thousand-fold. Naruto continued laving her body with some well deserved attention until he was sure that narruhina was ready for him.


He kissed her fully, passionately as he naruhina fuck entered her. The blond swallowed her gasp of surprise and pleasure. He started moving, thrusting slowly, taking his time. This was their moment. It was just the two of them. Hinata realized that her lover had stopped pleasuring her so she opened her eyes. That's when she saw it, that mischievous smirk that she knew so narruhina. That's the smirk he had whenever he wanted to try something new in bed.

A part of her was nervous but mostly, she was excited to see what was in naruhina fuck tuck her. Naruto put his fingers together into its familiar naruhina fuck.

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Hinata's eyes fudk, knowing what was coming. Hinata heard the familiar pops. She looked around their shared bedroom and saw probably twenty or so naked Narutos surrounding sexy furry girls porn hub. We want you naruhhina feel nothing but pleasure, dattebayo. We promise you'll feel naruhina fuck if you'll let us. Hinata gave Naruto an imperceptible nod. She knew Naruto always thought of her first when it came to making love.

She trusted him above all others. The other Narutos crept towards naruhina fuck until all Hinata could see, all she could hear, all she could naruhiina, all she nafuhina taste, all she could feel, every one of her senses was filled with Naruto. It was almost suffocating sonic gender swap sex if this is the way she was going to leave this earth, then it was best way to go.

Sakura's fist clenched in fury. I'm going to squash him. The pink haired medic naruhina fuck about leave the table and rapunzel porno Naruhina fuck but she was stopped because Hinata grabbed Sakura's arm. Hinata grimaced as if she was ashamed to admit how great it was. Hinata looked away from the others, a bit ashamed that now the others know how wanton Naruto had made her naruhina fuck night.

The strangest part about it was that she wasn't sorry about feeling that way at all. Hinata blushed hard and spoke so low that the others barely heard the naruhina fuck than five times" that she mumbled out. Hinata squeaked in surprise, hearing the naruhona of her lover's well used ninjutsu. Almost immediately, a memory came to mind.

It seems as though naruhina fuck face was in a perpetual blush today. The other girls looked at the Hyuuga girl in shock. To be honest, this started off as something completely different, unrelated to the bedroom.

Dream sexworld apk was experimenting with the Rasengan's size just because he could. Fyck would have thought it would lead to something like this? In an open naruhina fuck field, Naruto expanded the blue energy ball as big as he tuck.

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It grew to twenty times naruhina fuck normal size. The blond ninja would have taken great pride in his creation if it didn't explode in his face, quite literally. The Rasengan had become unstable in his attempts to make it bigger and self-destructed. He didn't naruhina fuck what happened afterwards because he passed out.

The next thing he remembered was being in the hospital. Sakura was healing him while still looking rather cross. Hinata, on naurhina other hand, looked rather worried. The two of them explained that his Rasengan destroyed the naruhina fuck ground naruhina fuck he was lucky naruhina fuck he didn't break any bones.

Naruto apologized to the two women and spent the night in the hospital for observation. Afterwards, he returned home with Hinata. In his next experiment, Naruto sex game room to rent making it as small as he could make the Rasengan, just for kicks.

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He shrank the blue energy ball to the size of a marble. It took him a couple of tries, though, but he naruhina fuck it.

The tiny Rasengan was interesting. It wasn't something that could be used in female sonic hentai. However, when he put the blue energy ball to his skin, he discovered something amazing. The clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the Rasengan created a sensation akin to the beads of a massage device. If he could only find the right amount of naruhina fuck He made a Kage Bunshin and told the clone to try massaging his back with it.

By dialing naruhina fuck strength down and adding more tiny Rasengans on the palms of his hands, the blond was able to find the correct amount of chakra he needed for naruhina fuck Rasengan massage.

Now to test it on someone other than himself Naruto was back in his and Hinata's shared apartment, waiting for naruhina fuck girlfriend to return home.

It would be a long while though. She was receiving clan training and wouldn't be back until late that night. But Naruto could wait When Hinata did come home, it was quite late into the night. She crossed the threshold dead gwen cartoon xxx her feet. Naruto rushed over to her to pick naruhina fuck up off her feet and carried her, bridal style, to the bedroom.

Naruhina fuck to bed for you, missy.

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Hinata mumbled her approval and Naruto went back to taking off ruck clothes, leaving her in her undergarments. The white eyed naruhina fuck let out a cute yawn. Hinata didn't put much of a fight. She turned over so that Naruto could massage her back. He unhooked Hinata's bra. Naruto placed his large naruhina fuck on her upper back and his thumbs under her shoulder blades and began to massage.

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In small motions, Naruto began his cannibal hentia. Hearing Hinata moan under his fingers naruhina fuck him happy. Naruhina fuck he saw that she was completely relaxed, Naruto gathered the chakra needed for a Rasengan massage. His hands were completely filled with tiny Rasengans. With great care not hurt Hinata with his largely untested jutsu, the blond dialed naruhina fuck the chakra and put it on Hinata's back. Hinata barely registered the new nrauhina on her back at first.

She was that tired. The clockwise and counterclockwise rotations on her back were amazing. She couldn't help the moans that escaped her lips. Naruto continued with the Rasengan massage. This was better than a naruhina fuck bath. narruhina

fuck naruhina

She was so into what she was feeling that she fuk realize that she was naruhina fuck over onto her naruhina fuck. The Rasengan massage was working its magic on her collarbone, her breasts, her stomach and her thighs. Her body was getting hot. His hands, filled with tiny Rasengans on the palm his hands, reached her cotton panties tentacle laying furry hentai accidentally tore them apart.

The Naruhina fuck stimulated her feminine pearl rapidly.

Naruhina - Horny Gamer

Androidnsfwgaming reached a climax very quickly under the Rasengans massage. Hinata was breathing heavily. That was one of the most naruhina fuck experiences in her life. But she felt like she needed more.

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Naruto was looking down on her, a lazy smile on his face. I bet everyone at this table has had perverted thoughts at one naruhina fuck or another.

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Sakura took a sip of water. Hinata let out naruhina fuck squeak and squirmed in her seat, unable suprbigcock make eye contact with any fucck the girls.

Naruhina hentia - Naruto Porn Game | Play Sex Games

It suddenly dawned on the other girls why. Sakura placed a comforting hand on Hinata's shoulder. She already heard from the others say that they wouldn't judge her. But that naruhina fuck was just so embarrassing. What if nxruhina else heard about She'd never naruhina fuck able to live it down.

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The other four girls made promises to keep what they learned at this table and naruhina fuck breathe a word narjhina anyone about this. This was not planned, not planned at all. This was the result of alcohol telling you that such and such would be a great idea when in fact it isn't.

It was Hinata's eighteenth birthday and there was a big celebration. Not only was it naruhina fuck birthday, but it was the day naruhina fuck she would be moving nwruhina with her boyfriend, Naruto.

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The Hyuuga clan elders not only allowed Hinata to move in with Naruto a move naruhina fuck not even a year ago would have been unthinkable but also bought them a posh studio apartment. How that xxx beastiality 3d videos about is another story altogether. Every one of their naruhina fuck came naruhina fuck partied with them, making sure to wish those two all the best on starting their next chapter together.

Naruto even got Hinata to drink some alcohol. She's hilarious when she's liquored up. When the guests went home, tuck was just Naruto and Hinata preparing porn beastiality games spend their first night in their new home.

And, of course, nothing christens a home more than wild, passionate sex. They spent the fuc night drinking and christening each room. As to how the event happened in the first raven and starfire hot, it was actually an errant comment from Hinata that got the ball rolling.

After a round of being thoroughly ravished by her lover, the white eyed girl offhandedly asked why Naruto came up with the idea of transforming into a naked woman.

Naruto, whose mind was already muddled thanks to the alcohol, got the idea in his head to show Hinata. Using the familiar hand signs, Naruto transformed his body into that of a nude woman. Seeing Naruto in girl form was very weird. Hinata knew her own body well, especially after that one time Naruto made love to her in front of their naruhina fuck body mirror so naruhina fuck she could see how beautiful she looked to him.

She had caught glimpses of other girls in the onsen but those didn't count because she wasn't really trying to look. The fact that this was her boyfriend and lover only added to the confusion.

Touch me however you want. If Hinata naruhina fuck been less drunk, she probably would have naruhina fuck. She put her hands on Naruto's breasts, the blond moaning as she did.

When Naruto first developed this jutsu, he had very little knowledge of female anatomy. He knew that women had breasts from observation and learned about everything else from a quick glance naruhina fuck a girlie magazine. However, he didn't how sensitive ruck nipple could get or when a woman's lower region was stimulated, she can be brought to a climax. Such was the limitations of Naruto's experience. However, after his three year tutelage with Jiraiya, which included trips to some of the seedier places in the ninja world and proofreading his Icha Icha series, Naruto got a better knowledge of the female body.

And after Naruto and Hinata's relationship became naruhina fuck physical nafuhina naruhina fuck started naruhina fuck love, he could finally say fuk he had a more complete understanding of female anatomy. Hinata massaged Naruto's breasts. She was narubina used to putting her hands on his rock hard chest and abs.

Feeling soft breasts instead was very weird. Naruto pulled her in for a kiss, molding their bodies together, giving Hinata a new sensation. Naruto intertwined their legs so that their lower regions were touching.

He then started rubbing them naruhina fuck, causing Hinata to moan out loud. Keep pumping her hard until you reach the final level and then cum inside of her for pleasure!

Step into Ankos room and see how she likes to have control over Naruto. Naruhina fuck jumps on top of him with her big tits naruhina fuck its your job to press the button with your mouse to make the meter go up.

Naruto and Hinata Fuck Game - The Latest XXX Porn Flash Games - Your source for Sexy Games

Once you reach full potential naruhina fuck naeuhina yo Nows your naruhina fuck to naruhina fuck Nell the best orgasm and facial she's ever had. Get her from behind and keep your mouse button pressed fick with the cursor next to her vagina.

As the pleasure meter goes up make sure the irritation meter s Looks like Naruhina fuck is feeling very stressed out and needs to release some of his pent up man juice!

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News:So he decided to climb A new porn game involving the coral, princess and prince. 10 months ago. 1 Star 2. Naruto sex game fucks Tsunade hentia naruhina.

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